Best locations for your call-to-action marketing signs

One of our first Homes By SMS™ clients, and early RealBird PRO user is Jacques Bankier, with RE/Max  Premier Selections in Potomac, MD.

We caught up with Jacques over the phone to ask what he found so far in terms of good ways to promote the Homes by SMS Call to Action (CTA).  According to Jacques some of his best responses are coming from placing the CTA panels in places where people are waiting, and can use their cell phones – such as school pick-up areas where parents wait for their kids, or car washes, or restaurant order pick-up areas.  Clearly, with some of these areas you’d need to arrange for permission to place a sign, but nevertheless, the idea of promoting the service at these “waiting areas” is very smart.

Some areas with high consumer traffic where you may consider placing advertising are:

  • School pickup areas
  • Car washes
  • Restaurant pickup areas
  • Markets, farmers markets, fairs
  • Transportation waiting areas (bus, train, metro etc.)
  • Sports and cultural venues, including neighborhood sport fields

Jacques’ next steps will be to use the postcards that were part of his setup to mail out to his farm, and he also is planning on placing targeted Facebook ads with the CTA.

Do you have any tips to share with us on how you use your Homes by SMS service?  Just send us an email, we’d love to know.