Free training webinar by frequent RealBird guest speaker, Janie Coffey

We are reposting our announcement that Janie Coffey will be hosting a free 1 hour long webinar on Friday, August 30, titled: “How to thrive in a shifting market”

Seating is limited, so join as soon as you can! You can register here:

See Janie’s overview of what is going to be thought in this free webinar.

Would you like to know why my team and I are excited for a shifting market when most agents are scared and anxious? Would you like to know how you can spot a shifting market and educate your buyers and sellers without sounding like Chicken Little about what they need to do to do well as the market shifts? Would you like to know how to best prepare yourself and your team members to thrive during a shifting market? It was 2005 when I got my license and 2006 when I got my broker’s license and promptly opened a boutique brokerage.  We were in Miami and real estate was through the roof, the only problem was nothing was selling.  We were all looking around like, “what’s going on?”.  Somehow, by hook or by crook (just kidding, all was done correctly), we kept our bricks and mortar office open throughout the whole recession as basically new agents, even while agents were bailing from the industry right and left.  In fact, I have stayed full time in real estate as my sole income the entire time. What did I learn? A LOT!  Let me share with you why a shifting market does not need to be scary, how you can leverage it to become the trusted market expert and gain valuable market share, all without the stress that the majority of real estate professionals do when they start to feel the earth move under their feet. Join me for a totally free 1-hour webinar on how to prepare for and thrive in a shifting market!

Janie Coffey

Hope to see many of you at the webinar!

— The RealBird Team