Listing Marketing with Text Messaging Sign Riders

The Homes By SMS service supports a growing number of real estate business cases, including buyer prospecting, seller prospecting and existing listing marketing. In this post, we’ll talk about marketing your own, current listings with this service. But first let’s see some definitions:

  1. For buyer prospecting, you use Homes By SMS to reach home buyers and capture their information for your CRM.
  2. In the seller prospecting case, Homes By SMS is used to engage sellers – for example with postcards – and ask them to opt-in to your CRM by providing them an easy way to see what’s selling in their neighborhood. The goal here is to win more listings.
  3. The third case is marketing your current listing. In this article, we’ll going to talk about this third business case with Homes By SMS

Listing marketing with SMS

Adding an SMS sign rider to your property sign in front of the house is a great way to provide a solution for potential buyers so that they can inquire about your property and receive the property flyer with photos and details automatically and instantly.

Homes By SMS Sign Rider Listing Marketing Example

The Homes By SMS lead capture solution also guarantees that you get their contact information including their names, phone numbers, emails every time, at first interaction. You can win new listings too by telling potential sellers about your enhanced mobile marketing solutions of their property, using Homes By SMS.

Here is another way to describe the benefits:

The problem: Many consumers walk by your sign in front of the house after or before business hours or don’t want to call right away, or if they do, you can’t answer the call for one reason or for another. Many times, paper flyers are all taken, leaving the prospect with no options to get instant access to information. This may mean that you just lost an option to double-side your sale, hence losing thousands of dollars of potential commission, because the prospect will end up calling some other agent due to the lack of availability of information from you.

The solution: Homes By SMS gives you all the tools that you need to provide an automated way for buyers to always be able to get information about your property from you. When no other options are available for them, they can text your MLS# to your SMS phone number and get a reply linking to property details and photos instantly. With the advanced caller ID feature of Homes By SMS, we capture their contact information including their names, phone numbers and many times their emails, Facebook profiles etc., and we notify you and save the info for you for follow-ups.

How to use Homes By SMS for listing marketing

Homes By SMS can be used for listing marketing, if you have an IDX search based setup that supports listing lookup by MLS#, as most do. This option includes:

  1. our own RealBird IDX services (SF Bay Area) or
  2. custom solutions linking Homes By SMS to your existing IDX website.

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to use Homes By SMS for different business cases. For Listing Marketing – if the setup meets the above requirement – we provide you with a special sign rider design that you can use in front of your own home for sale with the MLS # being the text code. One free sign rider comes with the setup of the service and you can reuse the design as often as you want and we can also mail you additional sign riders for a low additional fee. The sign rider design can be general purpose – as shown below – having a placeholder for the actual MLS# so that you can re-use the sign rider for different properties, by simply replacing the MLS# code. Alternatively, the design can include the MLS number on the sign rider as well.

Homes By SMS Sign Rider Listing Marketing Example

Following is the summary of how the Listing Marketing option works with Homes By SMS:

  1. We setup Homes By SMS using our own IDX (SF Bay Area) or using your existing IDX website; verifying the MLS# search works for your listings
  2. Setup includes a dedicated SMS phone number (free of charge)
  3. We create and mail a sign rider to you (for new customers) and provide the design for future prints. You can also order additional sign riders from us, we are now providing door to door fulfillment
  4. You hang the sign rider at your current listing’s location providing text code access to property info. Don’t forget to impress your seller with this service and make them test it out too.
  5. When prospects text the MLS# to your Homes By SMS phone number, the system returns to them the link to your property details instantly and automatically
  6. At the same time, the system captures the home buyers contact information and notifies you about the new lead

Simple and effective.

We hope that you like these ever growing options of the all-inclusive Homes By SMS service, for different business cases, including listing marketing.

Should you have questions or want to get started, please don’t hesitate to do so, just submit this form or email us at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch right away.

Happy Marketing !