Open listings & the benefit of SMS rental search marketing

Open listing rental marketHomes by SMS™ can be very useful for agents who specialize in rental listings and more specifically in open listing rental markets, where many agents have the right to market the same rental properties (open listings).

In open rental markets the key to success is to reach potential renters before another agent gets the chance to snatch him/her away. However, using “traditional” marketing methods (web sites, social media, posting to classifieds, print media) to advertise a rental listing has the big disadvantage that even if a qualified renter notices your ad, you, the agent, will not be aware of their interest until they decide to contact you. Of course by then your competition will have had ample opportunities to snatch this client away.

With Homes by SMS you get an important advantage, inherent in using texting as means to do the rental search: as soon as the client inquires about the property you will get their caller ID, and thus you can immediately follow up with the prospect, before any other agent has the chance to talk to him, or before the client calls the property manager directly. And, because the call to action is for a rental search and not an advertisement for your services it is more likely that prospective clients, curious about what rentals are available in the area, will take action. A typical rental call-to-action would be “Text any location to [phone number] to see available rental listings”

Here are the steps involved in making this work for you:

  1. All-inclusive setup: Call us to set up the service. We provide you with your dedicated the texting phone number, a Call-to-Action sign rider /hanger panel, and a set of MOO business cards with the Call-to-Action.
  2. Promote your Homes by SMS service: This is the crucial part for making this successful, the better the exposure for your service, the more leads you get. We’ll provide ongoing training and best practices for members.
  3. Respond to the leads before they get cold and make the deal!

Homes by SMS is only $100 setup, and $45/month (month to month, cancel anytime). A highly affordable service, if you count on getting even just a few good leads a month.

Call us to test this service and to see for yourself how it works!