Rental searches made easy with text messaging

rental search option with homes by sms service of RealBirdThe service just got smarter overnight. For those of you who want to use Homes By SMS™ for providing apartment searches via text messaging, there are two options available now.

One of the options is to configure the Homes By SMS™ service to default to rental searches. With this setting, people who text locations (zip codes or cities) to your SMS number will be directed to the rental search version of the RealBird Property Search and will be presented with for-rent properties in that area.

The other option is to use the regular configuration with the RealBird Property Search, but the Homes By SMS™ service can now look for keywords in the text message, such as “for rent”, “rentals”, “apartments” etc. besides the location query and redirect users to rental search if any of these are detected. Without those rentals related keywords, the service will default to for-sale properties

Finally, we are readying the support for the “Nearby” keyword which will be able to search around the user’s actual location, both for re-sale and for rental properties, depending on the user’s intent.

If you are in the business of providing rental search services for consumers, one of these options could fit your use case well. Alternatively, we can most likely configure the Homes By SMS™ service for your custom search pages, should you decide to opt for that. Just contact us with your requirement and we’ll see what we can achieve.