Using the sign rider at recently sold homes to get more buyers

Homes By SMS Sign Rider Example

Many times home sellers and new owners allow agents to keep the “FOR SALE” sign post in front of the house during the closing process, for a limited time, advertising the fact that the property was just recently sold. This is a great opportunity to advertise your Homes By SMS service using your sign rider advertising this out-of-the-box and convenient way to get local listings to people who walk by the sign. Remember, with Homes by SMS you will instantly know when someone uses your home search because you will immediately get their caller id and can follow up promptly!

To fulfill your obligation to the seller, you have to focus the sign rider on selling the actual property while it’s still on the market. But once the house is sold, it can be a perfect time to start capturing buyer leads for other properties. There is also a good chance that home owners in the neighborhood who are thinking about selling will contact you because they become intrigued about your new way to generate leads, so you may also generate seller leads.